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Solar + Wind Power = INDEPENDENCE Today we raised a wind turbine at our teaching location near Minden, Ontario. We have already been completely off the electrical grid now for four years. Ontario generates about 1/3 of its power with nuclear, a very dangerous technology. Video Rating: 4 / 5 :: solar Generator ::

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Small Wind Turbine

www.WINDENERGY7.COM - - - - Your source for affordable small wind turbines and small wind turbine hardware systems, controllers, supplies. Inventor of the RoofMill™ home wind turbine kit, small wind turbines are our main expertise. WindEnergy7 has more options for small wind turbines because of our many innovations with inventions and patents making small wind power possible. We are not ...

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The Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of owning a residential solar power system are endless. Tapping into the sun's rays has become one of the most popular and affective alternative... Video Rating: 0 / 5 :: benefits of solar power ::

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Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Visit to learn more about Solar Chargers and Maintainers. Harness the power of the Sun with Quick Cable's new Solar Powered Battery Chargers and Maintainers. For auto, marine and RV batteries. Quick Cable Solar Powered Battery chargers and maintainers will help keep your... Video Rating: 5 / 5 :: best solar powered charger ::

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Small Wind Turbine Construction

Start to finish construction of a small wind turbine. Video Rating: 1 / 5 :: construction wind power ::

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There are so many advantages of solar power to offer, not only to people but to the world in general. Solar energy is the energy from the sun that is then taken and converted into thermal or electrical energy and it can be used to power an entire home or it could just be used for a light outside. These solar energy advantages can make a major difference in your life and also help the world around you. There are a few solar energy advantages in particular that you want to be aware of and which are sure to make up your mind in terms of whether or not it is going to be worth it for you to make… Continue reading

Wind turbines for homes are becoming ever more popular as the energy crisis and global warming turn out to be even more of a issue for the planet. Wind power is taking the energy produced from the wind and employing it in more useful ways. Wind turbines are machines that will transform the kinetic energy found in wind and convert it into mechanical energy. Mechanical energy works with kinetic energy to balance into the mechanical system. When the mechanical energy is transformed into electricity it may be called a wind turbine. Below I examine various types of wind turbines for homes

There are two different sorts of wind turbines; Horizontal axis and Vertical axis. The most common of those 2… Continue reading

As the global economic situation worsens day after day, people are desperately looking for an alternative energy source that can provide them with the power that they need to keep everything electronic that they’ve come to depend on in their daily lives up and running smoothly. Computers, lights, alarm clocks, modern stoves and refrigerators are all powered by electricity and need enough of it to function properly. However, high electricity bills and a need for self-sufficiency have gotten a lot of people looking for new ways to create their own electricity. Wind turbines that produce electric wind power are currently the best option on the market for this kind of thing.

Wind turbines are great for self-sufficiency because they allow… Continue reading

If you have ever wished to stop wasting money on your electric bill, help the global economy and help save the Earth, then you’re reading the right page. With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating your own electricity. However, you need an open mind and willingness to listen, because there are large economic interest that keep most people dependent on corporate energy sources. These “FAT CATS” of these energy companies will have you to believe that solar or wind power is too expensive, complicated, or too impractical to use, so that you keep on being hooked to the” electrical grid.” And, you… Continue reading

With the advent of boiling summer, increasing power cuts become the order of the day. To cope up with it, an inverter charger can be ideal to supply electricity during those dark hours. The inverter can easily change the DC power into AC power which can further be used to run devices like kitchen appliances, power tools, computers or any other imaginable devices by a simple plug in of the devices into the inverter. These are generally not recommended for high power requirement equipments like electric heaters, air conditioners etc. since they require a high current draw as well as battery utilization. It provides easy access to transferable power in times of need. They can also generate power from batteries… Continue reading

There are so many reasons why you should take advantage of DIY home solar energy that it’s actually kind of hard to know where to begin. The greatest benefit that leaps out to so many is the opportunity to create an endless amount of free electricity to power your home.

The other benefit will be appreciated by those that are concerned about the carbon footprint that we are leaving on this galactic rock that we inhabit called Earth. Fossil fuels emit pollutants into our atmosphere every time they are used and are a finite source of energy that are not only very expensive but are also being depleted by the day.

As China and India continue to increase their use… Continue reading

When most think of renewable energy, they consider the sun first. However, other forms of energy have the same efficiency and are able to provide effective results for the home. One of the considerations to make to reduce your electric bill while assisting in support for the environment, is to consider wind power. Understanding how to use this for a residential area, and determining whether it is the most efficient system for your home is the beginning to getting the right results for alternative energy sources.

The first step to determining whether wind power will work for your area of residence is to calculate the wind speed and how much wind energy goes through your residence. For each area, there… Continue reading

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