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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Power: The Secret List

Using solar power to generate electricity is an attractive way to add to other currently available energy sources. However we`re not yet at the stage where it`s has been accepted as a full-scale replacement. Interestingly, in developing countries where the potential might be the greatest, solar power is the least used. Conventional, polluting energy sources are still the norm. Solar energy is a green energy, but currently requires a significant level of investment before you can start to reap the benefits. As a short-term measure, it may be difficult to justify financially. Longer term, however, the benefits can be considerable. In a sense, the world is waiting for a solar power solution that will be eminently affordable so as to once and for all stop depending on fossil fuels and other polluting power source.

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Solar panels are also at risk from natural disasters such as storms or severe hail. Because the solar panels need to be installed on rooftops or at least surfaces, which are completely open to the sky, they can have no additional protection to the elements or else they would not work correctly. And the other hand, a property that has solar power already installed and working may see a significant appreciation of its value. Buyers just need to be aware of the requirement to replace the solar cells from time to time.

The resale of surplus solar power energy is a topic of debate today. The principal is simple enough. When you have more electricity then you can use, then why not send sell it back over the grid to other consumers? However, this resales activity is rather different to simply selling off any other item that you had as a surplus. Selling electricity over the grid is for obvious reasons regulated by law.

And yet, in developed countries at least, installations of solar energy panels are on the increase in many private homes. This is despite the complexity of the concept of net marketing for renewable energy. The U.S. Energy Policy Act of 2005 says that net marketing should be compulsory for the market at large and should be policed by the public utilities. Other complexities involved the system of tax credits or rebates that exists for solar panels but that must be correctly understood if you want to see the benefits.

Because solar power is often in addition to conventional power sources, consumers retain the benefit of backup power in the event that the sun doesn`t shine quite enough. The solution is essentially a flexible one, because besides the backup, it is also easy to think of a wide range of additional applications that could be powered with surplus solar energy.

For business properties solar power generation also needs to be examined to see what global return on investment is possible. It takes some research, because the investment in solar photovoltaic equipment is typically non negligible. Other factors like surface area and complexity will also have an impact on the calculations that you need to do. Among other things these factors typically have consequences on the type of solar panel technology that is appropriate in your case. Different solar panel technologies may be available at very different prices and you may see significant differences in the time it takes to break even on your solar energy investment.

Whatever the circumstances, the solar power industry is still a high growth market. This bears out the idea that there are more advantages than disadvantages for solar power and that use of solar power will continue to grow in the future. Because of this a number of companies have been attracted to the market, but not all of them necessarily have the qualifications to complete installations correctly. So if you are thinking of installing solar power, remember to check the track record and credentials for any company with whom you may envisage doing business. And remember to check the obvious: anybody who suggests putting a solar panel on a roof which is permanently in shadow, or which will be blocked out from the sun when the neighbors` trees get their leaves back is clearly a novice in the matter.

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