Advantages of Wind Power Turbines

As our society matures and we begin to understand and appreciate that everything we do will have an impact on our environment, we are starting to look for better ways of suppling our energy needs. Using wind turbines might just be one of those alternative sources of energy. Harnessing the power of the wind is nothing new, and now both countries around the world and the typical homeowner can produce electricity using the wind and household wind turbines.

Converting wind energy into electricity is done with a wind turbine. You’ve probably seen these behemoths in fields across the country. Recent advances in the technology have made it possible to downsize the turbines and make them viable for home use. If you’ve been noticing funny looking ‘wind mill’ things popping up in your neighborhood, you may have wondered if your neighbors have lost their minds or if they just know something you don’t. The truth is that there are wind turbines made especially for home use which are small enough to be mounted in the backyard or on a roof.

For those interested in purchasing a wind turbine and having it installed, it will cost you between $ 600 and $ 12,000. That’s a big expenditure for most people. And with a projected energy savings of about 80% it would take quite a long time to recoup your investment. However, it is now possible to build a wind turbine yourself for just a few hundred dollars.

More and more homeowners have decided to build a wind turbine. It is far easier than you might have imagined. The supplies you need to build a wind turbine can be found in any hardware store and will cost about $ 200, and the whole building process won’t take more than a few days. A good instruction manual with easy to follow directions will guide you every step of the way.

Since one turbine can be enough to generate almost 60% of the electricity you’ll need for your home, you can start to realize significant savings. Every day your wind turbine is working means another day of savings.

So if you’ve been thinking about ways to cut your utility bill and are intrigued by the idea of using energy windmills to harness wind energy and save some money, you are not alone. Give it a try. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save.

A wind turbine can reduce your electric expenses by as much as 50 percent. Why not join the green revolution and learn how to build wind turbines for your home. Find out how to make your own wind generator and free yourself from the electric grid by visiting Wind Power Energy today!