All The Facts On Wind Power You Need To Know

Wind Power is one of the best alternative means of generating power. It works on the principle of converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy. Unfortunately, there is much misconception revolving around wind energy and it is surprising to realize how little we actually know about it. Starting with the basics, wind energy is created by natural winds blowing across the diversified terrain of our planet. Differential heating of the irregular earth’s surfaces and earth’s rotation and the uneven distribution of heat in the atmospheric layers cause wind flow. And these flow patterns are further regulated by various water bodies and large patches of vegetation covering of the earth. This wind flow produces kinetic energy which is harnessed by using wind turbines and windmill systems, and transformed into various other useful forms of energy. This article will explore some further aspects of wind energy and will also throw light upn its various uses and applications.

Facts on wind power: Myths no more!

There are plenty of wrong ideas and notions about wind energy and it is surprising to realize how little the general populace actually know about it. Even as the entire world unites in its cry against environmental pollution and for saving the world by adopting clean energy sources, curbing the reckless exploitation of the planet’s natural reserves, it is yet to embrace wind energy in its full capacity. This article will aim to clear a few doubts and misconceptions about wind power.

Wind energy is one of the best means of getting a perpetual supply of power and is a fully sustainable and perennial source of energy that will never get depleted or exhausted. A common myth surrounding wind power is that it is rather expensive and cannot be afforded by the common man. While part of it is true, wind energy, however, can prove to be extremely economical on the long run. Even though the initial setup costs can be quite high, once the wind power system has been set up successfully, the power it generates comes virtually free. The maintenance cost is also quite negligible. Another misconception about wind energy is that it lacks power. On the contrary, wind energy, if properly harvested, can provide enough power to meet the entire world’s energy requirement (and not just a handful of domestic appliances as you might have thought!)

Here is another bit of amazing trivia on wind power. Wind power actually has tremendous potential in becoming a great power source for the entire world. In fact with wider acceptance and usage, wind power can effectively solve the planet’s energy problems. It is unfortunate that we are using only a small fraction of it (only 1% of the total electricity generated in 2005 was sourced from the wind).

Facts about wind energy: ecological compatibility, economics and development

The area where wind energy scores over other conventional modes of power generation is the environment. What makes wind energy such a brilliant choice for the entire planet is the fact that it produces energy that is clean and non-polluting. Unlike other conventional modern power plants, wind energy converters never produce any greenhouse gas or pollute the air with harmful emissions. Apart from saving power, wind power plants are also easy on the economy as they are not dependant on the consumption of precious, and already dwindling, fossil fuels of the planet such as coal, charcoal and petroleum. Windmills do have some disadvantages like being responsible for causing the occasional avian mortality (caused by bats and birds flying into the turbine), and also contributing to some amount of noise pollution (generated by the rotating rotor blades). However, such issues are trivial and can be easily resolved by carefully planning the installation of the windmill in a suitable location or through continuing technological advancements.

If you are worrying over how to save on your energy consumption and lower those monthly bills, remember, wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of energy that you can have. What’s more, the renewable nature of the energy makes it even more economical. The entire world is slowly waking up to these wonderful benefits of using wind power and countries everywhere are implementing wind energy into their power supply schemes. Germany stands first amongst the leading producers of wind energy and is followed by Denmark and the United States. In spite of the entire cognizance, wind energy is still the least utilized source till date. We must not forget that in the face of an imminent energy crisis, largely perpetrated by diminishing natural resources of the planet, our only salvation lies in alternative sources of power such as wind and solar power.

There are great benefits of getting a home wind power system and these benefits are both ecological as well as financial. These days one can easily buy a wind generator kit to have an additional means of getting power. However, in spite of their simplification over the years, setting up a wind generator system at home can throw up many obstacles if you are not careful. Why take chances when there are so many good guides available today to help you through every step of the way? Get a guide and have a smooth installation. As Dylan would have said, ‘It’s blowin’ in the wind.’

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