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Best solar oven search ended with the Solavare solar cooker – This solar power solar cooker is designed for preppers or people who want to save on energy bills or help the environment. Solavore solar oven is truly the king of multipurpose solar ovens and that’s why I decided to do a series of reviews on it.

The reason I called this one the best solar oven review, is because of various reasons. I have listed some of the below:

1. Solavor Solar Oven does not burn your food
2. It has a large capacity of cooking (taking in 2 large cooking pots – each 3lbs)
3. It comes with solar oven reflectors for extra heat on those cloudy days
4. Easy to set up solar oven (set up within a minute)
5. Comes with full extras such as Water Pasteurization tool
6. Very cheap to operate and maintain
7. Gets hot enough to cook delicious food but does not burn the food


Solavore Solar Oven Package –

Solavore Solar Oven Carrying Case –


So why would you want to cook with this one as one of the best solar oven? If you are a prepper you already know the answer…. Solar ovens are perfect emergency cooking when no other cooking heat source is available. But to go further I will list for you some of the great benefits of solar oven or solar cooker:

– Solar oven is a great option cooking during emergency
– Cooking with no fuel, smoke or fire
– Solar oven allows for low temperature cooking
– Low temp cooking with solar ovens produce great tasting food
– Preserves the nutritional value of your food
– Cheap to maintain and operate
– No fire hazards
– Although gets hot enough to cause minor burns it can be Kids – friendly with proper training
– Extremely portable solar oven
Comes with reflectors for low light days
Comes with oven thermometer
Comes with food thermometer
Comes with water pasteurization indicator
Full manual


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