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Retired Australian inventor Chas Campbell has designed and tested an overunity generator that allegedly creates enough energy to maintain itself, with abundant energy left over. The machine consists of a series of weighted wheels of various size which are all driven by an 800Watt electric motor which in turn drives a 3500Watt alternator. From this, the machine produces enough energy to drive a 2500Watts circular saw, a drill, a variety of lights and a fan. Mr. Campbell says, “I can make one of these machines that will produce up to 1000KVA, which is 1MW of electricity and probably use 50HP to do it.” (50HP X 760 = 38000Watts). The inventor has not been able to find support from the scientific community nor the Australian government, as they say it won’t work as he claims. Indepenedent testing done thus far has not corroborated the claims of overunity.
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