DIY Clean Energy – How To Build Your Own Solar Panels

With continuing price rises on energy, solar panel is coming more to the fore; providing practically free power. It can be expensive to have these installed however, so is a good idea to build your own solar panel.

The first thing is ensure you have the necessary tools and equipment. This will mean sourcing the best solar cells for you, which should be given a good portion of time to decide. There are many out there.

There are a few other items needed. Plywood, a length of 1 x1, copper wire, a diode line, batteries and Plexiglas will be required for construction. You will also need a circular saw, screws and screwdriver, caulk, outdoor paint, soldering kit and glue.

Using the cells to guide, draw a grid on the plywood. Once satisfied with the layout; cut the plywood to size to create a suitable grid. Having got this out of the way, construction can begin in earnest.

The 1 x 1 should be cut into lengths according to the plywood and attached to the sides using the screws and caulk. Once fixed into place, all but the grid can be painted with the protective outdoor paint.

Before applying the cells, they need to be soldered together; using tabs at the back to attach one to the other. This work needs to be very careful, as the cells are very delicate at this point. Once in a suitable series, they can be applied with glue onto your plywood grid.

Next, attach the copper wire directly to your electrical system. You will also need to attach a diode line, which will prevent the batteries from leaching power.

Plexiglas now needs to be attached across the entire panel. Fix this into place with suitable amounts of caulk to thoroughly protect from the elements. Now you have managed to build your own solar panel for the first time; there should be no stopping you.

By learning to build your own solar panel you can save money, help the environment, and generate electricity using free energy from the sun with DIY solar panels .