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  • Commercial Solar Panels are too Expensive.
    If you want a Good solution to power your home,
    You have to learn to build your own Solar Panels.
    Go to Google and Search for :
    “Top DIY Solar Panels Research”
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    It is a blog that explains it in details.

  • don’t purchase solar panels until you watch this interesting presentation. google “mike Lewis diy solar”

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  • Hello there! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Xobotano Home Energy (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you tried using this alternative home energy known as Xobotano Home Energy? I’ve heard many amazing things about it.

  • you are cool bro I used to work at an rv place and I recall

  • check out


    you can find all necessary information about solar panel,and everything that has to do with. I am a beginner but I liked the program…… even cost me a bit and I managed to build..


     I hope to help

  • Thanks! i would like to set up my animal sheds so that the babies (chicks, sheep, goats) could use the heat lamps during the spring without running electricity from the house. Would this work for that? Or would the heat lamps need more juice?

  • thank you

  • Go with at least 16 watt DC lighting from Amazon….I have an updated video here somewhere on my channel…I did many upgrades but nothing complicated.

  • hey bro , i am new to solar and after watching ur videos , bought home depot 55 watt kit and two 6 volt golf cart batteries from sams , i am looking to run 3 12 volt lights and hopefully 3 12 volt fans , i guess the kind that plug into cigarette lighter .as far as the lights go , could you recommend what bulbs and what kinda wire to run to them please .

  • Its awesome how much the price has come down since you filmed this video. Those Isabelle last weekend wetter 179.99 at harbor freight. I wish they could make it get 25.99….

  • I hooked up a couple 6v. batteries a couple years ago and did an upgrade video on it..I have it on youtube…It still works awesome…yeah the walmart battery didn’t last but a few months at

  • You have a very clean professional setup. You’re battery bank could be so much better with 2 6v golf cart batteries. They are a “true” deep cycle battery. Would provide so much more reserve capacity.

  • install a wood burning stove. Works great for 1000s of years!

  • check out ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM you can find all necessary information about solar panel,and everything that has to do with. I am a beginner but I liked the program…… even cost me a bit and I managed to build.. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM I hope to help

  • If you want to power your home
    you have to learn to build your own solar panels
    go to Google and search for:
    “Top Diy Solar Panel Review”
    Choose the first result (skip the Advertisement on top)

  • Sounds like a plan man ! you could always cook on a wood stove or just a plain outdoor grill..I have always dreamed about moving way out in the hills and just fish & hunt…what better life could a person possibly have than that!

  • the only reason I’m even looking at solar panel videos, is because I’m 15 right now, and when i turn 16, I want to start saving every single penny I make so that I can then have a simple two room cabin built in the woods, so that I can live on my own away from society and it’s horrible corrupt views on the world. the only thing i’d use this for is to maybe get a tiny little stove or something, for easier cooking.