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I call it ***AIRCONtraption***. It is basically a Cool Box with ice and fans that pull the warm external air in over the ice, it then circulates around the box before shooting cold air back out through the three holes at the rear.

A very simple concept that has been duplicated by many a hero on YouTube well before me.

I’m no hero but I thought I’d put my version of it for all to see because mine includes a few slight differences that I haven’s seen before.

1.) I am using two AC 220 – 240v 50/60 Hz 1 Phase 15/14 W fans. Most others use 12v fans. I find them too flimsy and not powerful enough for the job at hand.

2.) To run these fans on a 12v BATTERY or SOLAR PANEL yet maintain total mobility I needed to convert the 220 – 240v AC to 12v DC.

To do this I have used a 300 watt Power Inverter which works perfectly adequately. Incidentally, this particular power inverter has a USB Socket on the side which could come in very handy in isolated situations.

3.) A Variable Speed Controller to enable me to control the speed of the fans.

4.) Individually Switched Fans.

I designed the head unit in this fashion to enable a better air flow in and out. I think it works okay and allows for excellent directional abilities whilst sitting at the computer or watching TV, or even just laying in bed on those hot summer nights……

Because this design has three separately directional UPVC Tubes you can imagine three people sitting on the settee watching TV whilst being able to have their own individual directional Air Con air blasting out towards them. It really works that well……

Sadly, I will be dismantling AIRCONtraption and utilising its components for other crazy projects in the future. I only built it for a bit of fun as I have AC in my home and obviously far too much time on my hands.

However, I must say that my wife and I have used this unit on many an occasion out on our upper terrace whilst entertaining friends and family. It has served us very well indeed and has never let us down. It cuts down the heat quite considerably and really cools the air well.

Surprisingly, the next afternoon (24 hours later) there is normally still the equivalent of about a third of each bottle containing ice and it could still be used for the following evening without having to restock with ice. A point to note is that these are days with the temperature are around 25 to 27 degrees Celsius, so not too hot.

If anyone out there in YouTube land is interested in saving this wonderful work of art and practicality then for the right price I may be persuaded to post it to you anywhere in the world before it gets utilised elsewhere.

Thank you very much for watching my video and I hope you found it interesting.

If you have any questions please ask and I will try my best to answer them.

Would I change anything if I built this project once again? YES……

a.) I would not use wood as a base, probably fibreglass to allow for expanding foam insulation underneath……

b.) I would ask someone else to do my soldering because I am rubbish at it……

c.) I would update and improve on the design shape for an even better air flow……

Please now look at Part 2 of 3. Thank you……
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