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Homemade Vertical Wind Turbine mounted behind my wall and isn’t visible from the street. Perfect turbine for HOA areas and in cities that won’t allow mast mo…
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  • Hey, I would like to use this design for a school project. I was wondering either how you built, or where you got the electronics for this. Many Thanks.

  • Hí – I really enjoyed your recordings on building a wind turbine. You leave no questions unanswered about the construction and I guess it is a very affordable energy source for all the households which are off the electricity-grid.

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  • Hi Mike, I just finished building your vawt! Very happy with the results.I wouldnt make been able to achieve it without your exceptionally thorough instructions-very clear thankyou…Can you give me some advice on a suitable generator to use with it.If you have come across any instructional video for a DIY model that would be brilliant and if you could recommend one for me to buy I would be so grateful!

  • I did release this to the public under a creative commons license the same as Linux. I don’t even care if you make money from it, you simply cannot stop others from using it, improving upon it, or in any manner impede the use of this technology or it’s derivatives. Other than that please feel free to use, share, improve and expand the use of this design. If you make money in the process of sharing this technology I’m all for you.

  • This intellectual property now belongs to all of us since you put it on display on the internet. It is now in our brains and you therefore cannot (morally) stop us from using it any way we wish, whether we create 1 for personal use or 1,000 to sell for a profit. To suggest otherwise (and by “suggest” I mean using the govt to literally force us to stop using our own property peacefully) is nothing but the deliberate impediment of technological progress.

  • Where can I buy them plans?

  • This looks like NM?? Love the turbine

  • It looks really neat! As you mentioned the cost of production vs. energy return is essential. So that leads me to the question, how much would you estimate that it would cost so manufacture one of these? rougly speaking….

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