How Much Electricity Can You Generate Using Wind Power?

You don’t need to be told how important it is to start moving away from using fossil fuels to produce electricity and start using alternative energy sources which do not produce pollution and are renewable. If all of us started to demand these technologies be used by our utility companies, then all of us – and our planet could start to breathe a little easier.

We need to start using renewable energy and educating the next generation about the importance of developing these sources as the basis of the world’s energy strategy going forward. Wind power is one of the most promising of these alternative energies. Before we even address how much energy a wind turbine generates, let’s looks at how they work.

The fear that most people have about not having enough wind to generate energy, is simply out of lack of understanding of how it all works. As long as there is wind, and there is always even the slightest bit, there is going to be enough to generate energy. When the kinetic energy of the wind is captured, it is then converted into electric power that can be enough to power your home as much as you need it to.

The best place to install a wind generator is on the roof of a home or other building where it will receive the most wind. Even with a good wind generator, it’s a good idea to keep your existing electrical supply from your utility company as a backup source of power.

This is so that if there ever is a time that you are not able to capture enough wind energy, you can still get the power you need to light up your house or to keep the heat running if you rely on electric for your heating needs. What about the times that there is a lot of wind being produced around your home? If there are winds that exceed seven miles per hour, which can happen a lot, you are able to sell the extra energy that is produced back to the utility company.

Wind power can indeed generate enough electricity for your household’s needs. If not, there is still the electrical supply from your utility company and you can either sell the surplus electricity you generate or if you have batteries for this purpose, store the extra energy for use later on.

Your wind generators are an investment in your energy independence which will pay for themselves and then some. Being able to sell your unneeded electrical power to your utility company is just one more way that this investment pays off. How much electricity can you produce with your wind generator? It all depends on the size of your generator and how windy of a region you happen to live in.

A 10-kw wind generator can bring in about 10,000 kWh each year when placed in a location that produces about twelve mile per hour winds on average. This is enough energy to power one standard sized household. A 5-MW wind turbine can produce 15 million kWh or more each year. This is enough to send enough power to 1,4000 homes.

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