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How to Build a Solar Generator : Solar Generator

Want to know how to build a solar generator? Once you learn the basics and have built your own solar panels, it can be easy to repeat the process to generate more power. Solar generators are usually perceived as being hard to build or very expensive. However it can be easy and rather inexpensive if you go about doing it the right way.

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Key Components for how to build a solar generator

Solar Panel – The solar panel is the part of the generator which collects energy from the sun.  – You will want to find a good 12v panel which generates the amount of power you require. It is possible to string together multiple panels in an array to achieve a higher voltage.

Battery – Depending on how much power you are producing you may have to use multiple batteries. The battery or batteries required will have to be deep cycle, such as a marine battery. It’s best to only drain your batteries to about 80% capacity before charging back up. This will keep the batteries alive for a longer time.

Charge Controller – The charge controller sits between your solar panel and your battery. It moderates the amount of power put into the battery to deliver a more even charge. Some charge controllers will also save the batteries from being overcharged, which will lengthen your batteries life.

Power Inverter – You will most likely have to change the voltage type stored inside your battery from Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Most appliances and electronics in the USA run off 120v AC, but in other areas this may differ.

The rest of your renewable energy project for how to build a solar generator will consist of wiring and testing. It can prove to be quite easy to hook up and you could be generating power over the weekend. You can get started on your project by picking up a good thorough guide at

Do it Yourself Home Energy Guides