How to Build a Solar Pizza Oven

Johnny shows us how to build a solar pizza oven with a door, crutches, and mirror. Produced by Mavon Productions- with Sol Wize Solar- Happy Winter Solstice!

:: a solar powerd oven ::


  1. cost per klw hour to watch this vidoe is .08 cents, cost in energy savings from using a stove like this VS a reg stove, about 56 dollars a month, depending on use. So your couldn’t be more wrong

  2. what other material can I use instead of the black granite top because it can be very expensive if you cant get it for free from a shop.

  3. This video was watch 31,000+ times.  That required an incredible quantity of electricity. If you care about the environment you should delete this video. Ironic, but true.

  4. Is there a reason the pole the oven is mounted on is tilted instead of plumb-bobbed perfectly vertical?

  5. yeah it would have been nice to actually see something being cooked, also it would have been nice to see the ” Inside” Black granite top ?

  6. this type of box cooker does not create enough heat intensity to start a fire. The parabolic type solar collectors can start fires for sure. It can create a glare, though. It’s best to wear sunglasses.

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