How To Make Your Own Solar Panels: A Discussion

It is simple to make your own solar panels. More and more people have been doing this in fact to cut down on costs given the current tough economic environment. The pieces needed to create solar panels involve an at least 16 V solar panel; a battery that can be recharged which is 12 V or more; a box to enclose the battery in; a DC meter; an inverter; and a small drill that is used by hand.

The first item needed to build a solar panel is a solar panel that is twelve volts or higher, though sixteen volts would be ideal. An RV shop or a marina would sell such panels, and they may even be available for under one hundred dollars.

A battery is also needed along with a solar panel. A battery that is smaller in size and rechargeable could be utilized. Generally, batteries that have deep cells are recommended for making solar panels. An illustration of a deep cell battery is a 12 V lead. It is also a worthy idea to buy a battery box since it will offer you safety for both the battery and the energy that comes out of it.

A DC meter is also essential to match the voltage of the battery and the DC input. These materials give you the ability to transform the energy from the panel and apply it to power sources around your house. An inverter will be needed if there are AC appliances that need to get their power from the solar panel.

A small drill is needed in addition to all of the materials mentioned so far. The drill connects the meter and DC input to the top end of the battery. Wire that is coated may be utilized to latch the meter on to the battery. The same method can be used to adhere the DC inlet and solar panel on to the battery. At this stage, the product will be all ready. You will just need to clamp down the lid leave it out in the sun for at least eight hours, after which point you can start to bask in your self-generated energy.

In concluding, it is simple to create your own solar panels. The materials needed are a 16 V solar panel; an acid or lead battery that can be recharged and that is 12 V; a box for the battery; a DC meter; an inverter; and a drill that can be held by hand.

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