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Infinia’s solar power device which uses a parabolic mirror to focus the sun onto the heat exchanger of a stirling engine. The stirling engine drives a linear…

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24 Responses to Infinia Stirling Solar Generator

  • Stirling Engines are great
    If you want to get the Plans To Build your own Stirling Engine
    And Combine it with Solar Power – Go to Google and search for
    ” Solar Stirling Info ” Pick the first Result.

  • What is the music ?


  • when you find out, let me know too pls! I know how to build them from
    scratch and they are almost as nice but it is a real pain in the butt to
    build – much easier to buy!

  • No clue. I found several on the ground and took one.

  • It looked like you were just spamming the engine being able to generate

  • Yeah I found a big dish, but how do I undo the bolts on it without killing
    myself and how do I convince people to hold it whilst I undo the bolts so I
    can move it to the south facing hill and weld it onto the load bearings of
    the old car gearbox I’m using to steer it?

  • I don’t have a problem with stirling engines. I made a comment about the
    spammer. Can’t you read?

  • I have seen a hundred sterling engines running. All you have to do is add a
    generator to it to get electricity. hat is your problem with that?

  • They’re spamming stirling videos with their website which sells
    information, not generators. I am not spamming anyone. You want to get
    ripped off? Go ahead.

  • How about a microwave tower cover? The kind found on the old telephone
    communications towers. I’ve found them laying on the ground when they
    replace the old ones. I used one for a fish pond for years. They are

  • The only spamming here is you. This is a company selling these generators
    for real! Don’t be a dork.

  • Thanks! it is so damn annoying this bad behavior. Not to mention it makes
    me not want to do business with them. Like you name. It’s definitely one
    easy name to remember.

  • large Stirling engine to generator above a fire pit when camping, enough to
    power 3000 watts, fridge or AC unit? I have a 200W scooter motor bigger
    with chain sprocket, looking 2 use that for something. basically wood stove
    or fire pit heating water boiler steam turbine electric generator. whats
    the best way 2 buy or build that?

  • Look under the about tab here above, then hit the show more to see the rest
    of the about tab, it has a link at the bottom.

  • Hell. Again and again. SES, and now Infina.

  • no where now 🙁 they filed Chapter 11 The petition was filed in the U.S.
    Bankruptcy Court in Utah. they never sold products to the public, They
    tried to make a living on government contacts. To bad they didnt try to
    mass produce and sell them on the open market.

  • I’ve seen a very old stirling engines, like early 1900s. still working
    today. but these were piston free stirling engines. i know the french had a
    printing press that was steam powered using 2 big parabolic mirrors in the
    1800s. seen a handdrawn picture of it in a book.

  • I did! glue loads of mirror tiles onto an old sky tv dish, bigger dish you
    can find the better, polish teh mirrors it works better!

  • go to their website, click contact us, ask them what you want and where you
    want it shipped to, ask them where they want the money wired to, wire the
    money to their bank, ring your bank to confirm the transaction, wait a few
    days and have fun assembling, be careful not to blind yourself with
    concentrated solar energy!

  • Only one part of the solution … what you need now is a working multi
    source power load balancer … ie you must be able to plug in one or more
    power sources (stirling, wind, water, steam, panels … etc AND your grid)
    … and it must automatically match you house’s demand … that way our
    houses would remain as is but we could slowly (as we get the money) add
    extra generating devices to it … removing our dependence on the grid …

  • These are some mighty fine dishes. It must be some kind of open – cycle
    sterling engine. Way more expensive than photovoltaic. Too bad we won’t be
    seeing more of these as it is a very elegant machine.

  • can you sent to me your address?

  • yeah but they wouldn’t have to go home and pay there electric bill