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Its been a really long time coming but now, more than ever, we need to start learning how to take care of the planet we live on! And lucky for you, there are some really awesome books on DIY wind generators. Honestly I am really new to all of this still but reading the information I found thus far has really blown my mind and it will probably blow yours as well! The following books I’m going to list have all been highly researched works of information. All the data you will find in these books is all legit. The people, authors and publishers involved in these books really have taken the time to find out all they can about wind generators, how they work, how you can make one for your home, all sorts of statistical informative data and tons of overall information for you to read about and learn from! Some of the things you find in these books you may not even be fully aware of. Well, there’s another point to these books, to bring people like you and me to a point of awareness. Maybe if some of us knew what we were doing wrong AND how to stop it or use alternative methods, we could help lessen the strain.

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These books all come highly recommended, not by just me, but by thousands of others as well. Really superb quality books that you need to check out!

Earth 4 Energy – A complete step-by-step guide. This guide will give you steps on how to build your own DIY solar and wind powered generators and it’s as easy as 1-2-3! This book contains some really terrific additions to make it easy to understand and comprehend, such as step-by-step instructions and illustrations! You can also learn how to reduce your power bill by 80% or even eliminate it completely. This is a book among kings! Definitely check it out if you are looking to save some money on energy costs, as well as reduce energy resources we use.

Make Natural Power – A great All-In-One guide. This book has been chosen among many “green” friendly websites as the number 2 choice of all the books available out there (earth 4 energy being number 1). This is another easy to follow guide on how to build your own renewable energy resources. You will actually receive exact plans on how to build your own solar powered and wind powered generators. I’m looking at the books right now and I gotta say, this is pretty amazing!

Home Made Energy – Easy step-by-step methods. Bill Ford is the author of this book and he will teach you a plan that he came up with on how to beat the energy companies at their own dirty games. These energy systems can be implemented into any one’s home for just a few dollars. If you are looking to stop wasting money on your electrical bill that seems to get higher and higher every single month, help the global economy and save the earth, this is the book for you!

You can find many other ebooks obtainable online, some of these e-books are free, some are not. In my experience even if you drop a few bucks on the e-books it usually means they are of higher quality than the ones you might find everyone rummaging around in for free. The books above are well worth the few bucks you might spend on them!

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Do it Yourself Home Energy Guides