Learn How To Build Your Own Solar Panel On Your Own

As energy prices rise, it is always good to look for cheaper alternatives to slash bills. After initial costs, solar power is energy for free. Getting the kit installed can be pricey though; here are a few tips to help build your own solar panel.

Ensure all the right equipment is to hand to avoid delay and frustration. The most important thing is to select the solar panels to be used. Time should be spent here, to ensure the exact right ones are used.

Other than this, you will need plywood, a circular saw, good sized length of 1 x 1, screws and screwdriver, caulk, outdoor paint, soldering equipment and solder, glue, copper wire, diode, batteries and Plexiglas.

Using the cells to guide, draw a grid on the plywood. Once satisfied with the layout; cut the plywood to size to create a suitable grid. Having got this out of the way, construction can begin in earnest.

The 1 x 1 should be cut into lengths according to the plywood and attached to the sides using the screws and caulk. Once fixed into place, all but the grid can be painted with the protective outdoor paint.

It is necessary to join cells together in a series. Each cell will have a tab; which should be attached to the preceding one with solder. It is important this work is done carefully, to ensure no damage. Once completed, the series of cells can be glued in place on the grid pattern on your wooden frame.

Once all set into place, the copper wire and diode line can be attached from the panel to the electrical system. The diode is necessary here, as it will prevent power being lost through reverse transfer from the batteries.

The final step is to entirely weatherproof the panel through Plexiglas over the cells. Secure in place with caulk and allow to dry. You have now managed to build your own solar panel.

By learning how to make a solar panel you can save money, help the environment, and generate electricity using free energy from the sun with DIY solar panels .

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