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Energy has been a main concern of our global leaders. We use up a lot of non-recyclable fuel to heat up our own homes. Of course, heating up our homes is a need. When the weather is cold, we all need heat to stay warm and comfortable. The problem is not with the heating. The problem is the use of non-recyclable fuels to power our heating. Here is an example.

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Many homes are powered by heating systems that use oil or gas either directly or indirectly. Those that use oil or gas indirectly are systems that use electricity. And where does the electricity come from? That’s right, they come from power stations that are powered by oil.

As oil is a non-renewable resource, using of oil in huge quantities have been a growing concern among many nations. The question is, what happens when the oil runs out? Then what are we going to use to power our heating systems? As oil becomes more and more scarce, and demand continues to increase, there is only one way that the price will head – upwards. Then again, what happens if we can no longer afford to use oil to heat up our homes?

These are lingering questions at the back of everyone’s mind, one that has no simple solution. However, some people have already started to come up with innovative ideas to overcome these challenges.

Conceptually, the heating problem is a simple one. You need three components in the entire system. One, you need to have a way to convert a renewable energy source into electricity. Two, you need something to store the electricity in. And three, you need a system to convert the electricity into heat energy, which is then transferred throughout the house.

The last part is the easy part. It’s the first two components that most people can’t overcome.

For the first component, you can use solar panels or wind turbines to tap into natural sources of energy – the sun and the wind. Such energy sources are infinite and can go on forever and ever. Also, they are a free energy source. That means if you have a system that taps into these energy sources, you can save a lot on utilities bills.

To trap solar energy, you will need a few solar panels. How many you need depends on the amount of energy you want to tap. The same goes for wind turbines. The energy is then converted into electricity, and stored in batteries. Now you can use the electricity to help you heat up the home.

The entire system sounds really costly to setup because of the mention of solar panels and batteries. Also, some people think that the setting up is complicated, so they don’t even try. But there is help readily available for those who bother to look and try things out. You can always invest in a DIY guide on how to create power from the sun and the wind.

If you set up the system yourself, you save on installation costs. Once the system is up and running, you now have an environmentally friendly house that saves you money month after month.

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Do it Yourself Home Energy Guides