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Energy has become the vital for our survival. For almost every process, big or small we need energy. The existing sources of energy are non renewable sources for they are derived from fossils which are available but in a limited quantity. Hence, the need of promote the use of renewable energy which as the name suggest can be renewed.

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Today, the world has come with four main sources of renewable energy viz. solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy and energy generated by the movement of water. In order to maximize their true potential and use, it is extremely essential for utilizing renewable energy at a mass level – be it in industrial processes or in households.

The very availability of renewable sources of energy can be best utilized with suitable solutions. The need of the hour is provide and promote renewable energy solutions to industries and households along with government policy initiatives.

Elaborating on solar energy as the primary source of energy, this energy is received from the sun. The sun emits light and heat energy which travel a great distance to reach the earth which is sufficient to illuminate the earth and provide more than required heat energy. The current solar energy solutions convert the energy into thermal energy while the other solution is to convert it into electricity for various applications.

Geothermal Energy is present below the earth’s surface which can be put to use if obtained through a suitable channel. According to research, suitable thermal energy can be found at just 3 metres below the earth’s surface, that too at a constant temperature in the range of 10 – 16 degrees Celsius all year round. Classic examples of geo thermal energy are hot water springs, volcanic eruptions and so on. For harnessing geo thermal energy, we need to set up Geothermal power stations, flash steam power stations and binary-cycle power plants.

Harnessing wind power has been used by man since centuries as you will find mention of wind powered flour mills. In the past two decades alone, UK has on its soil more than 1000 wind turbines in operation while there were more than 150 wind farms which supply electricity.

Water as a renewable source of energy can be effectively utilized through hydro electric power plants in order to produce electricity. Water as an energy source can be harnessed at both small scale water power installations for domestic purposes while for harnessing large water bodies, large scale power installations can be undertaken. The Tidal power stations also form an ideal example of harnessing water power. Scientists are still studying the production of energy through tidal power stations.

The CO2 emissions have become a source of major worry to most nations. UK alone contributes to 2 percent of the global CO2 emissions which are manmade in nature.

Therefore, renewable energy solutions have been the centre of attraction of the government and the entire power sector, UK for they seem to provide an eco friendly and a viable solution to the issue of fast depleting sources of energy.

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