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See How You Can Make Your Own Wind Turbine And Generate Electricity

The internet has lots of information on how to make your own wind turbine. You will find advice about locations, types, the necessary calculations and potential pitfalls. Many people are investigating the power of wind as a way to supply their electricity but finding that the installation costs are high.

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When building your own turbine it is possible to save a lot of money. Having them installed by professional energy companies can be extremely expensive. One of the reasons people want to have a turbine is to save money on utility bills. Unfortunately if the initial cost has been high it can take years to start saving money. Energy prices have been fluctuating regularly for years and many households have found that their bills have risen far higher than inflation. This has led a lot of homeowners to start looking for alternative supplies. When doing so they largely look to renewable sources to help reduce their emissions and because they are sustainable.

There are several points to consider when assessing if your property is in a good location to harness wind energy. Usually residential areas are not appropriate as the buildings block the wind but this is not always the case. There are more building restrictions so you should check which permits you would need and that your neighbors are not going to object. It is surprising just how strong the wind needs to be to power a turbine so check your location carefully.

Usually the most suitable type of wind turbine for residential areas is a micro turbine. They are smaller and so do not produce huge amounts of power but every bit counts. If you have enough wind they should be able to make a contribution to your energy supply. It is possible to buy self assembly kits to build them.

If you live in a location with lots of open space and good strong winds then you could build a pole mounted turbine. Some turbines have blades as long as five meters, this means the turbine has a diameter of ten meters. It is clearly quite an undertaking to construct one of these and probably best left to the professionals. You could make a turbine half that size but be sure to make careful calculations about blade size and the height.

Turbines generate electricity by using the motion of the three blades to power a magnetic generator. If the wind changes direction a lot at your location then the turbine needs to be able to turn. Also if you are going to produce more electricity than you need you should either store the excess or sell it to the local power supplier.

If you want to have a turbine but do not want to pay the up-front costs then you could investigate how to make your own wind turbine. Make sure you get your information from a reliable source.

You can find more details about the benefits of installing a wind turbine system for your home today. Windmills provide an easy and convenient way to generate energy and reduce utility bills easy!
Do it Yourself Home Energy Guides