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Solar and Wind Power System – Learn How to Build One Yourself Today

Maybe one of the most talked about issues today aside from politics is global warming. It is the term referring to the condition of the earth where its temperature has suddenly increased compared to the past. It has such an impact aside from our daily lives where we feel the sudden changes of weather. The ripening of fruits has been delayed resulting to the destruction of the ecosystem of some areas of the world and typhoons have been so destructive lately. The media has been telling us time and time again to conserve Mother Earth. One way to do that is to be “environment friendly” in all things that we do.

Why Not Tap Into Abundant Free Energy

Environmentalists frown at different industries for their contribution to pollution. The use of fossil fuels is one huge contributor to pollution and to global warming. Scientists have long found alternative sources of energy; it’s just that we haven’t made use of these. Examples of earth-friendly energy sources are the wind and sun. Solar and wind power system might just be the answer to energy problems.

Let’s start with the sun. What is solar power and how does it work? The sun is ever present up there, abundantly gazing down at the earth and shining with its brilliance. The sun which provides all the energy that life on earth needs. Now, why don’t we trap all the energy from the heat of sun and store this for our use? That is how solar power works. The heat from the sun is trapped in solar panels or solar cells. This energy is then stored in a generator where it is now ready to be used just like any regular power source. The sun produces 1000 watts of energy per square meter of our earth’s surface. Imagine all that energy! If we could collect all that, we could power our homes for free. Just think of all the money we could save.

Wind power on the other hand is of course, power generated form the wind. Usually, we need a wind turbine to collect energy from the wind. The energy from the wind is in the form of kinetic energy from the air molecules that collide with the blades of the turbine. This kinetic energy is then transformed into rotational energy by the shaft which is connected to a generator. Rotational energy will then be converted into electricity in the generator.

A solar and wind power system would be a more powerful source of energy. During bright days, you can power your own home or business with solar power. During long periods of cloudy days, you can still store energy from the wind. If you are lucky enough to live in a place where both the sun and wind are plentiful, you can make use of this. However, if you live somewhere sunny but not windy, then solar power is a good choice.

Solar and wind power system are abundant, clean, and renewable. Not only are we being earth friendly when using solar and wind power system, we can also save lots of money. So why not learn how to build a solar and wind power system now?

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Do it Yourself Home Energy Guides