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The Advantages of Solar Energy

The sun shines every day and yet few people ever stop to consider the vast amount of energy that it provides. We reap its benefits directly in the form of heat and daylight but solar energy can do so much more if only we take the time to harness it.

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With the right technology, solar energy can be converted into multiple, useful, and virtually unlimited, forms of energy. These can be used for a wide variety of purposes. In these days, where energy is a precious commodity, utilizing this energy source seems like a very appealing alternative.

Solar panels, or photovoltaic cells, that absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity are one good example of this technology. This electricity can be used in countless ways: it can be used in households, to power houses and solar powered water heaters, it can be used commercially: to power offices and factories. It can even be used on the road: there a many types of devices that offer portable solar battery chargers.

Passive solar is another concept that is very useful in building design. By designing a home to allow more of the suns rays in during winter months heating costs can be greatly reduced.

Much has been said over the years about the environmental advantages of solar energy. It seems obvious that using sunlight for power is a smart choice. Other energy sources may belch smoke into the air or generate hazardous waste. They may burn up non-renewable resources, which does not bode well for the future when these resources run out. Not so with solar power! Each morning a new supply of the suns energy is available ready to be collected and put to use.

In conclusion, utilizing solar energy, regardless of its purpose: personal or commercial, seems like a very wise solution to our energy problems. We would be wise to invest more in researching this technology as a society, and to start using more of it as individuals. In terms of finances, in the long run, solar energy is bound to become a much cheaper alternative to fossil fuels – and this, effectively, is the last barrier we need to cross.

Tyler Hodger has been studying and applying the utilization of renewable energy sources for 15 years. In this article he briefly described the benefits of Solar Energy. To read more of his articles that will describe other types of renewable energy sources, suggest ways to utilize them, and possibly even save you money, visit his website: Green Planet and Me.

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