The Benefits Of Green Energy

Human civilization has progressed by leaps and bounds through the use of fossil fuels. These provide us with heating, gas on which our cars run, electricity that powers our gadgets and lights up our homes. In fact these have radically changed our lives. As these fuels have numerous benefits for everyone, it is not surprising that the fear of global meltdown and shortage of power looms large.

For a relief for all in the planet, the green energy sources have been invented as an alternative to the fossil fuels and now we can concentrate on saving our environment and also can be luxuriant with our use; albeit over use and wastage will always be a concern to all unless individuals are not careful.

The technology for green energy sources have not yet been perfected and may take much investment to reach a level wherein the full potential of it can be utilized, and also the scale of production of such energy alternatives also can be questioned. The consoling factor is that we have many such alternative sources of energy available to us right now.

We have always recognized and utilized such sources from time immemorial in small scale. These sources are the solar power units, the wind mills, and hydraulic kinetics. These sources do not emit any harmful radiations which causes green house effect although are green themselves.

The geothermal system and the nuclear power cause the destruction, to understand the extent of such happenings, it will be enough to put your imagination soaring with concern is the fact that there are about 50,000 coal plants around the world releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere causing global warming.

Nuclear power plants pose another fatal hazard, that of their meltdown. The Chernobyl disaster is still fresh in everyone’s minds. The problem with nuclear power plant is not its emission but the disposal of its radioactive waste. Accidents too can happen resulting in huge quantities of deadly radioactive matter capable of devastation beyond hundreds of miles.

On the contrary, producing power using green energy sources is much safer and requires very little maintenance. This is because the energy is obtained from mother earth herself. It is possibly a warning from mother earth to utilize the natural sources rather than the artificial means of power generation.

Our planet needs to be protected without wasting any further time. The global temperature is increasing at an alarming rate year after year. This is the most opportune moment for us to change the way we produce, utilize, and recycle energy. We must opt for protecting our environment so that the future generation is not deprived of a comfortable living.

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