The Ominous “Null Zone” Of The Photon Belt – As We Are About To Enter It, What Can We Expect?

(CAC General Reading, December 6, 1993)


A question from Y.M., San Mateo, California, on a subject Awareness has given some information on, but there’s other aspects here. It’s a rather long dissertation. He writes: “We know of a young scientist and metaphysician by the name of Sheldon Nidle in Half Moon Bay, California, who is channeling information from the Galactic Federation. According to his sources, our solar system is headed toward a belt discovered in the 60’s in the vicinity of the Pleiades by satellite instrumentation. It’s called “The Photon Belt” and is approximately 2000 years thick; our planet and solar system are poised to enter the belt before the end of this century and as early as the Spring of 1995 to Winter of 1996. At the edge of the belt is a “null zone”, where all particles of matter and anti-matter are annihilated. We (planet earth and this solar system) are now in the position of near entry into the null zone and it’s going to cancel all our magnetic fields; it’s also going to alter our states of consciousness with space/time distortion that will hurl us into the next higher dimension. The first noticeable event will be the alteration of the type of body that we inhabit presently. We’re going to become less corporeal, with an altered mass structure that will allow us to do unusual things, such as walking through a three-dimensional wall, with ease. Since we are entering into an area of space where all existing electromagnetic grids will collapse, it means that all our electric and electromagnetic equipment will cease to function, and we are also going to face a brief period of darkness, roughly 36 to 75 hours, that will gradually give way to a period of extreme light. The Bible refers to this time as a period when one will be changed to immortality in the twinkling of an eye. As our atmosphere is compressed at the approach of the photon belt, then rapidly expanded and excited when we all enter the null zone, it’s technically possible for our atmosphere to suddenly explode if it is exposed to large amounts of nuclear radiation, a natural and daily by-product of our nuclear powered plants, nuclear weapons and the like. A firestorm in the atmosphere could very well doom our planet and prevent us from achieving our glorious destiny. Another aspect of passing into the null zone is the cooling of the sun’s atmosphere and lesser amounts of radiant energy sent to us on planet earth. It could mean a temporary freezing effect throughout the globe, aggravated by the period of darkness mentioned above. For up to 5 days, this planet will return to an ice age. When we leave the null zone and enter the two thousand year long photon belt, photonic energy will not only give us light, but also a subtle radiation that will allow our new body to function without solid food or the need to sleep. This new energy source will also enable our world to easily abandon the present fossil fueled industrial age. Sheldon’s newsletter “Beyond Wisdom,” Vol. 1, No. 2 (Oct./Nov. ’92) goes on to explain how our earth is now part of the Galactic Federation, and why it is necessary to form what he calls “advocate groups” or groups of people that are willing to discuss what is now fast-approaching, and how the Sirians, Vegans, Arcturans, Pleiadians, and still other members of the Galactic Federation are willing to help us go through this enormous but exciting transformation. The people from Sirius will lead a massive landing on this planet very soon, from one to six months prior to our entry into the null zone of the Photon Belt. In view of the potential mass hysteria and devastation of economies, disruption of lifestyles, etc., it has been decided by the members of the Galactic Federation that this time, a direct intervention is absolutely necessary. It had been avoided before, to honor a cosmic decree of non-interference in the affairs of others, but this time we’re talking about an event of such a magnitude that humanity must be warned and prepared to survive it. Our Sirian parents, brothers and sisters love us so much, it is said, that they will do everything in their power to give us a chance to survive this shift. To them, we humans are collectively like a little baby whose needs are to be met. And the parents don’t want to see the baby die in the crib in front of their very eyes. Any parenting involves intervention from time to time, for the good of the child. We’re talking about tens of thousands of ships here, uncloaking themselves in all known public and heavily-populated places around the earth, in order to prepare people to accept the impending events that will change their lives forever. The Sirians have worked on this plan for many years. First, they are going to broadcast a soothing sound around the entire planet, a little bit like the whales are doing when traveling under water. It will mainly calm people down and make them more ready to accept the fantastic display of ships, and what is to come. It is planned that all necessary information about the impending changes will be broadcast day and night over the airwaves, radio and television stations of all the countries of this planet. In addition, groups of ambassadors and counselors will teleport to key locations and groups of people, among which will be the “advocate groups” already in place. The idea is to inform, calm down, soothe the fears, in order to avoid mass hysteria and an enormous destruction of lives and property right before the entry of our solar system into the null zone.

My questions to Cosmic Awareness in this respect are: “From your position and overview, can you give more information about this so- called “Null Zone” followed by the “Photon Belt,” and the effects it’s going to have on us when we enter it? Please do not refer us to what you’ve already said about the Photon Belt in the past, but give us fresh data that may have developed since you gave the information. Secondly, can we take the Sirian intervention (and the Galactic Confederation intervention) seriously? Is it likely to happen, in view of the magnitude of the coming changes and the coming shift? Lastly, is it a good idea to start forming discussion groups or “advocate groups” in order to start preparing people and ourselves by means of information, discussion, and a more detached attitude toward our lives in this third dimension, our possessions, our jobs (for those of us who still have one), family ties, etc.?

What is channeled through Sheldon Nidle appears to be of major importance, and if his information is correct, we’ve very little time left to get ready. Informing people through the CAC newsletter would be an important step in the right direction, don’t you think? Many thanks.

There’s a number of questions in there


This Awareness indicates that the information as being extremely compact, to the point of presentation beyond the comprehension of most entities, and therefore it is suggested that entities not become overwhelmed by this material; that the changes that will occur are those that will be at a pace which entities can keep up with and there is no need for great anxiety.

This Awareness indicates that in the movement toward this direction, there is a gradual adjustment in the frequencies and vibrations that entities will experience, and these frequencies and vibrations will help to bring about the balance and adjustment that entities will need in order to pass through these energy fields, and adjust to the changes that are to come.

This Awareness indicates that much of what the entity has given is speculation, based on extrapolation or conjecture as to what the various events or energies might bring. Do not consider this as an absolute and proper description of what will happen. It is partly conjecture.

This Awareness indicates that the changes that will occur will mostly be on the psychic levels. There will, in time, become sufficient change to allow entities to move through solid matter, but at the time this happens, entities will not know whether the matter is solid or not. It will be more like entities moving into a different state of consciousness which is more dream-like.

This Awareness indicates that this, in fact, may be equated to that of the Aboriginal “Dream Time” in their culture. This Awareness indicates that it is a time when matter begins to dissolve and become less solid, and in that experience, entities become aware of the reality of consciousness as the creator of all matter, and the consciousness that they experience will be that of a higher frequency, closer to that of the Divine Consciousness.

This Awareness indicates that those entities who are incapable of moving into these higher frequencies because of their own lower density will find it extremely difficult to maintain a sense of individuality, and if they can and do choose to keep their individualities based on lower frequencies, they will eventually have an experience of being outcast from these energy fields and movements into lower densities, into a lower dimension, in fact.

This Awareness has discussed the coming dimensional shift. It has not gone in to the details of how the dimensional shift will be triggered. It has, in the past, discussed the Photon Belt and some of these things that were projected for the year 1992, and indicated that this was not to be taken too seriously. This Awareness indicates that at that time, there was no need for such concern. This Awareness indicates that it is still in the future. The information was correct, but the timing was off in regard to the movement through the Photon Belt.

The Null Zone and The Darkness – Like An Acid Trip

This Awareness indicates that the entity’s information relating to the so-called null zone and the darkness as that which is correct. It will affect the magnetic fields, and therefore, much of that which is taken for granted as part of today’s high-tech society, where entities rely on electricity and travel and communication through electronics will be lost, will be disrupted, and entities will find that they can no longer communicate in these manners, but shall also find that new ways of communication become possible.

They begin to recognize a kind of emergence from the chaos into a realization that they can communicate telepathically with one another in these higher frequencies and higher vibrations. This Awareness indicates that these energies become a new reality in which entities are in a state of dramatic change, but rather than being fearful, they will be in awe, in a sense of wonderment: “What is happening? What is going on?”

They will be like a group of entities who, for the first time in the 1960s, dropped acid, or LSD, and begin to talk to each other about their experience, but this will he a natural occurrence, and they will be asking: “What is that? Do you see what I see?” etc. They will be wondering what is happening to their sense of reality, and in this Photon Belt, the information and the energies that begin to shift and change will put them in a kind of dream state where nothing seems solid or real.

New rules will be formulated. New rules of physics, new rules of reality, and new rules of behavior will have to be found in order to allow each entity to have an understanding of what is, and what is proper, and what is being described. This Awareness indicates it is as though all the old rules, the Newtonian rules especially, will he thrown out, and quantum physics will be the new thing, but quantum physics will be so far advanced of anything known now that new types of descriptions and rules and principles will need to be found to explain the experiences that entities are sharing with each other in this new dimension of the Photon Belt.

This Awareness indicates that when things move back into light and lose their substance or solidity, the stability of matter, entities will no longer have the ability to think in terms of solid absolute unchangeable maintenance. They will no longer be able to maintain reality, they will simply attempt to keep up with reality and to change with it as it changes around them.

This Awareness indicates that there is a question also in the timing. To project when the events will begin is somewhat difficult. It will be more likely that it is a growing thing rather than a sudden change that occurs, and the growing thing may begin in the mid-90s, but may take considerable amount of time before it reaches a point of completion.

This Awareness indicates that by “completion,” It does not refer to the end of the experience, but rather to the complete transition into the experience, into the total experience.

This Awareness has projected the time to be approximately 2012 to 2013 when this experience will be entered into fully. Thereafter, the energies of the new dimension will be that of quite a totally different nature than is present for entities at this time.

This Awareness indicates it will not be unlike the dream state. If you can imagine your reality being made up of a dream state, or dream-like state of existence in which all people share in that dream, and all people help to create that dream, but in the dream it is possible to change solid things simply by thought, or by imaging in an instant; this will be the nature of that new reality.

The earth itself will be available for entities to walk upon, but it will also simply be more like the bottom of a dream, the landscape on which a dream moves, and entities will know, as in a dream, that it is not a solid substance, but that it is a mental substance in which they exist.

THE INFORMATION ON THE SIRIANS IS CORRECT (A Private Nightmare For Those Left on Earth)


So, essentially, this information about the people from Sirius


This information is correct. This Awareness indicates that this is one reason why these entities do not become excessively alarmed at the plight which humans are moving toward.

They do not become excessively concerned at the efforts of the Greys and the Reptoids to enslave humanity, for they recognize that there is a greater change following soon that will put all of this to nothing, and that the controls that the Reptoids and Greys so dearly seek on the earth will be meaningless.

This Awareness indicates that those who cooperate with t Reptoids and the Greys on these efforts to enslave humanity will be moving also into this Photon Belt, and will be caught in a kind of mental warp that puts them into their own private hell or private prison within that mindscape or consciousness-scape that replaces the landscape of earth, for as these entities move into their dream world, or dream state, it becomes like their own private nightmare.

It is also a dream-state for those that they have captured, but for them it is more like a nightmare than a pleasant dream. This Awareness indicates the entities who cling to the higher spirit and vibration of Light, and that which is more wholesome, will move into this dream-state in a way that allows them to enjoy a blissful existence from the co- creative actions of others like themselves.

It is in this manner that a dimensional shift occurs – one group of dark negative forces begins to move away from the light group. This Awareness indicates that when these forces eventually pass out of this Photon Belt, it will he as though there are two different worlds that have been born. One will be of a very negative nature, having to start over on the spiritual evolutionary scale; the other will be highly evolved spiritually and able to enjoy the higher relationships with others of similar kind.

DID SIRIANS SAVE THE EARTH FROM BEING FRIED? (Is Earth a Giant Soap Opera on Galactic TV?)


One last question from this entity. It’s another long one, but not as long as the first one. He writes: “Humanity has a special relationship with the star system Sirius, and Sirius B in particular, as explained in Robert Temple’s fascinating book, “The Sirius Connection.” Our sun and Sirius are hurling into the vastness of intergalactic space in a corkscrew RNA/DNA fashion, eternally linked like brother and sister; they’re cosmically inseparable and this alone could explain our extraordinary bonds with the dolphins and the whales, and their human- like Sirian counterparts. If I understand correctly the information given to me recently, the Arcturans are more evolved than the Sirians, and the Sirians are more evolved than the Pleiadians. All three species are extremely good friends with each other, and humanity has great love and support from them, in all kinds of ways. In August of 1972, something extraordinary happened to our sun, and by extension to our solar system. If it was not for Sirian intervention, all sentient beings on this planet would have been fried to a crisp and our third dimensional world would look something like Venus at the present time – a boiling inferno in which nothing of a third dimensional nature can possibly survive. The event is of such a magnitude that it ought to be known by all humanity, for if it is true, we’ve an enormous debt of gratitude toward the Sirians, who stuck with us humans through thick and thin. Even after many extra terrestrial races of the Galactic Federation had concluded that nothing more could be done for planet Earth, and humans were doomed; these races actually left us to die and only the Sirians and a few of their friends stuck with humanity and concocted a solution that has proven to be very successful not only for us, but by extension for the whole galaxy and universe, and it may not even stop at that level either.” Would Cosmic Awareness care to comment on all the above, and bring more light on the subject?


This Awareness indicates that this is in the affirmative; that this was changed by the interference of these entities and the doctoring of the energies of the sun in regard to its grid and its magnetic fields. This Awareness indicates that also the activities of these three groups and that of the Vegans is very much oriented to the recognition that humans on earth are part of their family.

This Awareness indicates the Sirians, those from Sirius, the so-called Dog Star, have long been recognized by certain tribes in Africa (the Dogons of Mali) as a sacred place and origin for their being, and these entities are in accordance with the work and research of Sitchin, related to the actions of Enki, in helping to change the Adam and Eve prototypes from mere robot-like biological creations to those that could think for themselves.

This Awareness indicates that this link between Sirius and Earth is extremely strong regarding human evolution and development. Over the thousands of years, the programming that was injected or instilled in the human prototypes has gradually evolved according to the plans of those from Sirius who worked on the creation of the mammalian qualities in humans to outgrow and overcome the reptilian qualities in humans that were created in the first Adam and Eve prototypes – by Enlil and those from Draco.

This Awareness suggests the information continue.

THE BOND BETWEEN EARTH BEINGS AND THE SIRIANS (Why Humanity is Evolving Spiritually So Rapidly)


“Does Cosmic Awareness have information that It wants to share about what happened exactly in 1972? I am informed that due to the Sirian intervention, humanity has started to evolve faster and faster after 1972 and it has now reached such a pace that what would normally take a few thousand years to take place within humanity, started happening by the year and accelerated to happening by the month and now, it is happening by the day and even by the hour. Humanity’s transformation is going so fast that it has attracted the attention of the whole galaxy, and the next two dimensions above the third (where we currently live and have our being) are literally filled with parked spaceships and their crews watching Earth on television day in and day out. Our extraterrestrial friends, brothers and sisters, parents and sympathizers alike, are very much aware that if this transformation is affecting us so much, so deeply, and so fast, after the Sirian intervention, it’s bound to affect the whole galaxy and possibly, to be extended to the whole universe. This thing is so enormously positive and transforming that it seems it was in the Mind of God since the very beginning of Creation and now, God has decided to activate it through Sirius. My source of information tells me that before August 1972, seers like Cayce and Nostradamus were more than 90 percent accurate, but after the event of 1972 their predictions became less and less accurate and, in fact, most predictions from anyone are now inaccurate and the chances for it not happening the way it’s presented are much greater than the chances for it to happen.”


This Awareness indicates that there is a kind of bond between Sirius and Earth or the solar system that make them like twin beacons, where each moves in a kind of counterbalance to the other, and their energies at this time are such that there is an alignment on the structural pattern on which they move that gives them special connection on a spiritual and psychic sense.

This Awareness indicates it is very difficult to explain, but it is like a kind of pattern in space similar to that of a molecule, similar to that of a DNA/RNA chain of energies and where the two are a part of a pattern moving on this chain. This Awareness indicates that it is like a particular organization of forces on a molecular pattern of energies in the body of the universe which, when coming together in certain alignments will release within each of the individuals on that respective planet or on the respective planets of the systems, a kind of vibratory harmonization so that each individual on the respective system experiences an opening in their DNA and molecular chains so that they become more awakened to the Divinity within.

This Awareness indicates this is somewhat difficult to put into the proper words through this Interpreter, who does not fully comprehend the meanings of the terms being used.

Sirian Influence In The Creation of Man

This Awareness indicates that the molecular structure and the DNA shapes were tampered with by Enki, the Sirius god, in the Garden of Eden, after the human robot had been created to serve the Draconian Reptoids who saw themselves as the creator of the humans. The work of Enki was designed to slowly change over a period of time to free the robot creature from its isolation as a non-thinking, non-deciding being, by the gift of Enki, who created for that entity the ability to make decisions.

This Awareness has touched upon these things before and does not wish to go into elaborate discussion again (ED’s Note: see the Back Issues lists). The entity did this through the introduction of the mammalian genes at the top of the reptilian brain and in this fashion, changed the creation of Enlil into that which was able to make decisions, had a choice. These choices and decision-making ability has allowed humanity to gradually, over generation after generation, become more intelligent and more independent.

This Awareness indicates that this infuriated the Draconian creators of their genetic creation known as man, because they could not control the entity if the entity could make decisions on his own. This Awareness indicates that in the process, this change also created shorter and shorter life spans for the humans because the reptilian aspects were being diminished. The genetic reptilian qualities being diminished resulted in shorter life spans, while the mammalian qualities became more prominent, resulting in more sensitive and emotional and compassionate qualities as well as better thinking abilities.

This Awareness indicates, thus, the human has the new mammalian brain evolving out of and above the reptilian brain, and over centuries and many generations, the human has evolved at an extremely high rate.

This Awareness suggests that the action of the alignment in regard to Sirius and the Earth, has triggered this to evolve even more quickly through the vibrations that are emanating between these two areas of the galaxy.

Cosmic Sex Is Occurring In Entities

This Awareness indicates it is as though these areas are emanating energies back and forth in a kind of cosmic sexual union, which heightens the sensitivity of all of the cells or individuals that might be within that field.

This Awareness indicates that likewise, the work of the Sirians in regard to the changing of the solar patterns, has created a balance in the sun that allows it to emanate rays that are in harmony, rather than in dissonance, and this harmony is that which also is creating a resonance among Earth people that causes them to become more harmonically balanced.

This is the reason they are finding their spiritual aspects evolving at such a fast pace. This Awareness indicates that as long as this energy from the sun remains balanced, it helps to counteract many of the negative forces that would attempt to distort energies on Earth. It helps to counteract, for example, forces that would bring about earthquakes, wars, and various types of conflicts.

It also helps to force entities to evolve more spiritually, even in spite of their basic programming and training, so that when opportunities for some choice of negative or positive actions arise or are presented to an entity, even though that entity in the past may have opted for the negative choice, the entity seeing the positive and seeing that this would be more acceptable to humanity, may feel drawn towards that opinion over the negative, even though he or she might think it would not be quite as possible.

This Awareness indicates that when this happens, it is the result of the positive harmonious energies that are emanating from the sun at this time and it is thus influencing humanity to evolve more quickly in spite of many of the desperate and dramatic efforts of negative forces who have introduced drugs and all kinds of programming onto the earth plane to cause a chaotic condition in preparation for a unified world government under the Dark Forces to emerge.



Is this information correct about Cayce and Nostradamus? Those predictions were 90 percent accurate before 1972, but after that event of ’72 their predictions became less and less accurate?


This is in the affirmative.

These predictions were made based on energy fluxes that existed prior to the inpouring of these new energies on Earth, which are of such powerful quality that it disrupts all of the earlier influences by which these entities made their predictions.

This Awareness indicates that essentially, what is happening is that entities are already beginning to enter into a world in which there is very little validity.

Everything is In flux, in a state of change, and even though entities look for something solid, it is not nearly as solid as it once as, and therefore what you think you have as a solid aspect in your life may only be solid for a brief time and you may find that your anchor to something stable is jerked away at any time, leaving you floundering for something to hold onto.

Entities Are Looking for Something Eternal To Cling To

This Awareness indicates that many entities experience this, and not only once, but many times in their lives. Even young people have already gone through many of these experiences in which they feel they have nothing solid in their lives to hold on to. Many try to hold on to the solidity of their parents’ union, only to find their parents divorced, and there is no union. Others find solidity and stability in their rooms or their home, or in a relationship with someone who has always seemed to have it together, but these things only last for so long, and the entity feels adrift, floating, with nothing solid to cling to.

Others cling to religion or philosophy, but these too, entities tend to outgrow after awhile, for the philosophy or religion tends to become not quite as true as they thought it was, and there are feelings of betrayal or disappointment, and the entity looks about for something more.

This Awareness reminds entities in such a situation that the one thing that never changes and never betrays them is the consciousness of the universe, the divinity of that consciousness, and he emanation of love from Universal Consciousness. If entities can look at it and find it and cling to it as a permanent unchanging aspect of life.

This Awareness indicates that the world may fall away, the ground may fall from under you, but the consciousness is everywhere present, and you may cling to it, knowing that wherever you are, it is there also. The Divine Consciousness of the universe is ever and always with you.

That is God.

This Awareness indicates that entities who can cling to God in this manner, recognizing that the Light and the love is there next to you, touching you, filling you, everywhere present, and you are never separate from it, then you have something eternal to cling to that never is lost and can never be taken from you.

This Awareness indicates that the efforts of the Sirians in altering the sun have helped to stabilize that energy so that entities can indeed find greater harmony to tune in to that Divine Consciousness of the universe. This is that which helps entities to find greater peace and greater spiritual evolvement.



This book reference the questioner recommends, Robert Temple’s “The Sirius Connection” – does Awareness see that as being basically valid information?


This Awareness indicates in general this is a very beneficial book for entities who wish to explore this concept further. This Awareness suggests that those who wish further understanding of the Sitchin material and the nature of man’s origins in regard to his early creation could also benefit, keeping in mind the tie-in with Sitchin, and the analysis of Enki and Enlil in their creation of man in that area of ancient Sumer and Akkadia, which has been a prototype or allegory for the Garden of Eden. It is the place where space people landed and created the modern version of man in its original state.

This Awareness indicates that, of course, the creation has evolved considerably since that time; it was originally shaped more like those Reptoid types from Draco, until Enki entered and changed the creation.

(For more information on Enki and Enlil and their role in creating humans, please refer to the following “Revelations of Awareness” newsletters: 91-04, 91-16, 91-17, 93-04; $ 3.00 each from CAC.)



A question from V.B., Lantana, Florida, while we’re in this area of the 2012 change. She writes: “In regard to the astral earth Awareness has talked about, if one owns a piece of land in the present earth as we know it now, will they also own the same land coordinates in the astral earth? If one has a retirement savings here, will it translate to the astral earth or is there no point of investing in, for example, an Individual Retirement Account? If one owns a business of this earth, will it translate to the astral earth or will there not be any necessity for physical shelter, clothing, food, water, etc.? In other words, is the astral earth non-material and nonphysical? Is there a point to gaining any material possessions such as land and housing and financial security if we will transmute from this earth to the new astral earth?”


This Awareness indicates that it appears you need to know the answer to this in order for you to know what to do with your property. This Awareness indicates that it is best for you to continue on as you are; the changes which will occur will occur gradually enough that if there is a need to sell your property, to get rid of your property, when you feel it is comfortable and proper to do so, it will be easy. It will not be something you have to study and dwell on; you will simply know that you no longer need this. You can discard it like an old sock or an old coat.

This Awareness indicates that It does not wish entities to start discarding their property based on some reading about the future.

This Awareness indicates that when the time comes that the future begins to reveal itself as time in which you will no longer need to hold on to material possessions, then you will feel the recognition that it is no longer necessary to hold on to those material possessions.

This Awareness indicates if, however, you should decide you want to carry your material possessions with you into these new realms – say an astral realm or a dream-state reality – keep in mind that your deeds and your documents will also be of a dream-state reality and you may be handing this paper around to show others that you own the land they are walking on, and they will simply smile and say: “How nice!” and it will also be pleasant for you, and you will enjoy sharing your land with them.

It is of little consequence at that time whether you own the land or not.

This Awareness indicates, depending upon your vibration, you will either enjoy the people and enjoy the life or you will feel cheated, and if you feel negative feelings about the situation, you may find yourself moving along the other direction toward those who are more greedy and who break off and move into more materialistic directions, toward the darker realm.

But this Awareness does not see this as any remote likelihood for you; It sees that whether or not this happens is strictly a matter of personal choice and that choice does not have to be made now. It can be made at any time. It does not even have to be made. You can simply forget it, and if suddenly someday you have an urge to sell your properly and the urge is overwhelming, then do so. If, on the other hand, you have a strong urge to keep your property, then that too is quite acceptable.

This Awareness indicates that when the earth becomes like a dream, it doesn’t matter how much of it you own. The dream is still going to have something there to offer. If it should disappear, you can simply dream up another ground for your feet to stand on.

This Awareness indicates that if you are frightened of being left exposed in a dream, as has occurred for many entities, you may wish to dream up a place of privacy where you can go. You may want to take something of that kind of privacy with you, in which case you may wish to hold on to the deeds of your home, and take it into this new dimension when you go, in order to help reinforce your dream and your feeling of being able to find privacy.

This Awareness indicates perhaps the dream analogy is not perfect, but there is very little type of description that this Awareness can find to describe the movement into these new dimensional energies. The dream analysis is perhaps the closest conveying it.

SHOULD WE STILL WORK TO SAVE ENVIRONMENT? (What If The Plan of the Aliens Doesn’t Work Out?)


Another question from V.B. in the same light: “If we work toward a better environment here and now, will it help toward creating the astral earth?”


This Awareness indicates that if entities begin to work toward a better environment here and now, they are contributing to the creation of a better mentality for humanity and a better mentality of humanity will come to create the better reality of tomorrow.

This Awareness indicates that as entities become more responsible and more caring and more loving for their environment and for each other, they help to add to that evolution of humanity and of the earth itself so that as they move into these new energies they become co-creators of the world into which they fit.


She also asks: “If, however, the aliens are defeated and fail to make their desired changes of the earth (i.e. turn it into a desert, etc.) will we stay on this present earth as we know it and will we still eventually evolve into another transmuted state as described by Awareness when talking of the astral or New Earth?”


This Awareness indicates that the changes will occur regardless of what the aliens do or don’t do. When this Awareness speaks of aliens in this context, It is referring to the Reptoids and Greys who are already present on earth, not to those of the Galactic Command.

This Awareness indicates that it appears that these entities will make their efforts to control the earth. They will use humans in that effort, but regardless of what they do, the earth’s orbit moving into the Photon Belt is going to undergo dramatic change, and even if entities do not fully comprehend the changes as they occur, humans will have changed along with the earth, and the realities that follow will be subject more to human consciousness than at present time.

This Awareness does not recognize that the change will be to that of an “astral” world; it is questionable as to whether the word “astral” is proper or accurate in describing the new creation. It is a different dimensional experience. It is a consciousness experience where the new world will be filled with greater levels or densities of consciousness that will permeate and penetrate the matter of the creation of the world, and that consciousness that is in the material world of that dimension will be in tune and responsive to the minds of entities who live there.

Thus, if you want to affect something in the world, you think of the effect you want and the material images simply follow, much like that which occurs in a dream. If you want a chair in a dream, you simply dream up a chair. This Awareness indicates that in these other dimensions, in these higher dimensions where spirit and consciousness are enhanced and occur in greater amounts, the material substances of the dream are more filled with consciousness and more responsive to the consciousness of entities than is presently understood on the present earth material plane.

The closest allegory or analogy to this for humans would be the concept of a dream-state, but it will not actually be a dream-state, for there will be great continuity in your consciousness in this new reality. Your time, your days, your movements and energies will flow one to the other in a continuity. This Awareness indicates this will give a greater sense of reality than what you currently experience in dreams.



She has one more question in this area: “If the polarities of Good and Evil, so to speak, become less pronounced rather than stronger, or if they draw closer together and neutralize each other, will this earth eventually become the astral earth, or will they still be two separate planets?”


This Awareness indicates the entity is asking a hypothetical question: In the event that polarities cease to exist, would there actually be a merging of the negative and positive forces to allow the cruder planet to continue without a shift in the dimension, creating two planets, one which moves lower and one which moves into a higher dimension?

This Awareness indicates if indeed, the polarities between negative and positive, or Good and Evil, were to merge into a single reconciliation, matter would cease to be and the energies would move toward higher etheric energies. The more absolute the reconciliation, the less substance would be in the etheric level.

The earth could totally dissolve, if indeed the reconciliation of positive and negative energies became absolute. However, the likelihood of this occurring in reality is not seen. This Awareness indicates It does not see the potential for the possibility of absolute reconciliation of polarities in regard to the creation of the earth, and therefore, the negative and positive may be resolved considerably, so that the energies of the earth could perhaps move into an etheric level that maintained a kind of stability without being totally material or totally spirit, but somewhere in between, in which case it would be possible for these energies to continue being unified.

This Awareness indicates that it would not require a duality planet, a splitting off of two energies. This Awareness indicates that of course, a hypothesis is based on the question of whether something could occur under certain conditions, not a matter of what is seen, and therefore this Awareness suggests that even though it could occur, it is not seen as being very plausible at this time.

This Awareness suggests that with proper energization, one could help to bring about a reality in which that potential would become more probable. This Awareness indicates that as entities’ consciousness begins to grow stronger, and their ability to manifest enhances in the approach to these times, they might perhaps be able to visualize a reconciliation between the positive and negative forces so that the splitting need not occur.

This Awareness indicates that this could well be something worth considering as entities approach these energy fields of the future.

At present time, entities could not, with their present consciousness, effect such a reconciliation between positive and negative to be able to move the earth from its polarity state, but as entities get closer to this, or into the Photon Belt, this could well be energized, where their consciousness becomes more solid and more capable of having an effect over matter, and matter becomes weakened in its polarities by natural adjustment to these energies.

Polarity Change Could Create “Etheric Demons”

Therefore, it would be possible for humanity to change the nature of the polarities into that which is more reconciled. In such case, even those entities who are very negative in nature could be influenced toward a more balanced and etheric quality. This does not necessarily mean however, that simply because they become more etheric they are forced to become spiritually wholesome. They may simply become etheric demons.

This Awareness indicates that it is something to consider, for these entities will not only need to become more etheric as they move into these energy fields, but they need also to become more spiritual and more attuned to the Divine energies rather than holding on to those negative energies which they have become accustomed to.

Their comfort zone may bind them to those negative energies, in which case they might not be able to adjust to the higher more Divine frequencies, even when moving in to etheric bodies.

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