Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Own Solar Panel

Many hobbyists will urge you to build your own solar panel if you asked them for any advice. I have often wondered why they feel so strongly about building a homemade panel. So I compiled several reasons that moved them to spend their weekends to build a DIY solar panel for their home.

A few of the following points might resonate with you. I hope that if you are on the verge of building your own solar panel but are somehow holding back, these may be sufficient to tip you over the edge to start you into your first project.

Reason #1: It certainly is many times cheaper to build your own solar panel than it is to buy a commercial made one that does the same exact thing.

Reason #2: You can usually finish building your own solar panel when you follow a proven the proven plan of someone else who has done the same thing.

Reason #3: It gives a person great satisfaction knowing that something they built can be so useful. And seeing the electricity your solar panel provides powering your stuff gives you a feeling of excitement.

Reason #4: The solar panel system keeps giving back to you financially after it is installed. It also does not require much maintenance other than spraying the glass surface with some water occasionally to wash off the dirt and dust.

Reason #5: When you reduce your carbon footprints, you are giving back to Mother Earth. This is certainly an environmental friendly thing to do!

Reason #6: When starting to build your solar panel your kids will most likely become interested in your project. You could make this a family project, and the whole family can learn about renewable energy sources.

Reason #7: It takes only (an estimate of) less than 2 years for your DIY solar panels to return what they cost you. This is much shorter than an average of 15 years for a commercial-grade solar.

Reason #8: By getting out there and building your own solar panels you get moving and will exercise some neglected muscles!

Reason #9: It reinforces the fact that you can complete a project you start.

Reason #10: When you build your own solar panel, it makes for a good conversation piece when you have friends or family over. Let’s face it, solar panels are interesting, and people naturally want to know about them.

Maybe you found the above interesting enough to want to build your own solar panel system. There are so many benefits, but the only one I needed was a lower monthly power bill!

The fact is, it’s pretty easy to build your own solar panel. And even better, current technology has made it relatively cheap as well. So what other reason do you need to start your own solar panel project?

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