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Vertical Wind Generator: 2 Reasons Why Horizontals Are Better

The vertical wind generator is one of the best ways on the market right now for taking control of your energy future. However, there is an alternative to the vertical wind generator that can be considered alongside it.

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The horizontal axis wind generator is the best alternative to the vertical system we are discussing as our main point. The vertical unit of course spins in a perpendicular plane and the horizontal unit spins parallel to the Earth.

Both of these devices have a role in the future of renewable energy in America and in the world at large. You just have to be very careful about matching up the attributes of the wind turbine that you are selecting with the environment in which it is placed. This can be done by doing your homework and being very careful about making sure you understand how it all works together.

The 2 reasons that horizontals are really better are…

Horizontal wind turbines make more electricity than vertical wind generators – Horizontal wind generators are just a lot better at making power than vertical wind generators. The reason for that is they have a tail concept and that forces it to turn in the direction of the strongest wind at any given time. So, if the wind is buffeting the device about, it is going to quickly turn in the direction of the prevailing wind regardless of how gusty the wind conditions are. Therefore, you can imagine how quickly it can turn from counterclockwise to clockwise in a very short period of time. That is why make so much power for you.

Horizontal wind turbines are cheaper than vertical wind generators – Right now, in America today, horizontal wind turbine kits are just a heck of a lot cheaper than vertical wind turbines. That is really for 2 reasons. The first reason is that there are more these devices out in the field and therefore many more been manufactured and there’s a lot more competition. The second reason is that vertical wind generators are great ornamental devices. That means they have been styled to blend in very well with their roof environment that they are typically placed in and therefore you are paying for the most part for that styling.

In summary, the vertical wind generator is a very good project to use on an urban roof but they are more expensive and they make less power. That is not a good combination for a cash strapped consumer who is trying to save money and make energy themselves at home.

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