Wind Energy Advantages And Disadvantages

Understanding wind energy advantages and disadvantages is the key to making the right decision about whether it is right for you and your home. The tough thing is the pros and cons are not the same for everyone and a unique analysis of your property is what is needed for an accurate evaluation.

In general, these are the wind energy advantages and disadvantages…

The advantages are:Low cost – When compared with other renewable energy options, wind power is cheap. You can purchase a wind turbine kit for your home that will produce about 1 kW of power for under $ 1,000, before installation. Compare that with solar and geothermal options and as a wind turbine owner, you are talking about paying many multiples less for the same power output.

Easy to install – Home wind turbine kits can be assembled and installed by the average do-it-yourselfer. If you like doing projects around your house, the wind turbine will be another way for you to have some fun.

Very intuitive – Wind energy is just very straightforward and easy to get. The power of this science is something that everyone who has ever stuck their hand out the window of a moving car can grasp.The disadvantages are:The neighbors complain – Not everyone is smitten with the home wind turbine. When you are looking at wind energy advantages and disadvantages this is one you must take very seriously. The neighbors can put a stop to your plans if you don’t follow their guidelines and the permitting restrictions of the community.

Wind turbines can kill birds – The slow moving nature of the wind turbine can hypnotize birds and other wildlife, so goes one theory. Even if that is a bit far-fetched, it is true that birds and other animals are fascinated by the wind turbine and get too close to them quite often, resulting in injury or death.

Wind turbines can be loud – They can even bother you as the owner of the wind device. While they are not all that loud, they do put out a low-pitched sound similar to an air conditioner.Without a doubt, wind turbines will be a big factor in the future of world power production. With so few options available we have to make the most out of wind power and other renewable resources.

In summary, but rather require some analysis on your part to understand what they mean for your property. You have to take the time to study your particular wind energy situation to get a grip on what wind turbine power means for you.

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