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Wind Generator Using 38 volt Ametek DC Motor

Install Free Energy Devices For Home Home-built, DIY wind generator using 38 volt Ametek DC motor generator. Blade speed is geared-up 2.5 times with v-belt pulleys to m…
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  1. This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking to make and mount on my
    shed. Only difference is I plan on making a brushing type electrical
    conection between the mast and poll to avoid the wire eventually twisting
    too much. Your design is great, to the point and very easy for me to
    understand. Thank you for posting this vid!

  2. I would smoothen the leading edges from the tail like if it was the wing
    from an airplane. It makes the wind pass much smoother and it improves the
    stability. I can see the tail moves around a lot, the reason for that might
    be the flat edges on the tail. That makes it that the wind wants to push
    the tail to one side, with the result that you get less RPM from the
    blades. Greets, iT

  3. Some older model lathes use similar alloy pulleys like ‘Picador’ make, i
    got one 6 inch for $16 posted here in U.K. 1/2 bore (i think) a couple of
    years ago.Car timing pulleys or bike sprockets perhaps?.

  4. They are 24″ each, which makes the overall blade span just a little over
    4′. I didn’t make a point of it in the clip, but I used ABS pipe to make my
    blades instead of the PVC pipe that most wind turbine builders use. The ABS
    is a little more flexible, but ABS stands up to sunlight much better than
    PVC. The fact is that ABS is so stable in sunlight that it’s even used for
    certain auto body parts.

  5. Does anyone know how good a 120Volt DC,14.2 amps,2HP,3600rpm motor would

  6. what practical results are you getting? If you’re able to meaningfully
    charge a 12-volt battery, that would be nice to hear about!!

  7. Is there any way you could put a stop pin of some type to keep it from
    spining all the way around,that would keep the wires from breaking .Find
    out where the prevailing wind at your home is and if you put the stop pin
    in the right place you may not have a problem with it getting hung up as
    bad.Just a thought.Five stars Thanks for sharing. Tec

  8. Yes. I used 4″ ABS pipe. First I cut a piece 24″ long, then quartered it
    longways. I made a single cut on the blade to leave about 1″ flat at the
    tip, and made the cut straight to within about 3″ of the connection end.

  9. I attached the blades directly to the pulley. The pulley has six spokes, so
    I drilled two holes into each spoke to bolt the blades to.

  10. The charge controller takes care of that. The wattage draw creates a load
    that holds it back.

  11. do you use brushes to take off the power onto rings on the support shaft?
    Otherwise if the whole thing rotates a flex will twist and eventually break.

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