Wind Generators for Sale – A Basic Guide to Buying a Home Windmill

As you will soon find out there are plenty of advertisements both online, and in magazines and newspapers offering wind generators for sale. However, before you rush out and invest in this new alternative energy supply for your home there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration beforehand. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

Factor 1 – Quality

Before you go out spending money on wind generators for sale you should look at the standard of finish. A good quality one may cost more initially, but will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to get it repaired so often because the blades have either jammed or malfunctioned. Go for those models where the manufacturer offers a warranty of 5 years or more on their products as this shows that they have confidence in what they produce and are willing to ensure that their profits remain high because they don’t use substandard materials.

Factor 2 – Find Out How Much Electricity You Need To Power Your Home Each Year

The best way to do this is through contacting your utility company and requesting that they provide you with a summary of your annual home kilowatt usage. Using this figure you are then able to determine the size of wind generator to install to help provide enough energy to power your home each year.

After working out how much energy you will be using then you can choose what sort of generator to install. Ideally, look for those that offer a way of storing energy simply using a direct DC supply. Make sure you also purchase a separate inverter so that this stored DC energy can be transitioned over to an AC supply and power the appliances in your home. Avoid buying models which have a built-in inverter because if it becomes damaged it will cost quite a bit to replace as opposed to a stand alone inverter.

Factor 3 – Do You Need To Obtain Planning Permission?

If you are intending to install a free standing wind generator then you will need to seek planning permission before you do. So before you make your purchase contact the local planning authority to determine exactly what criteria’s need to be met. However, if you are intending to install a small roof top wind generator then you may discover that permission to install is not needed.

Factor 4 – Have you Considered ALL Costs?

This is one of the most important things you need to take into consideration when thinking of buying one of the wind generators for sale. Yes, the price that the system is being offered at may look like a great deal, but you still need to factor in the cost of actually setting it up. Keep in mind, you may need to prepare the land on which the generator is to stand, which may require a concrete foundation to be laid beforehand. Then you need to take into consideration the other costs of wiring it up to your home. This includes ensuring that you are using the correct inverters to prevent your appliances from being damaged when using the energy generated by these systems.

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